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Placer County is one of the toughest in California when it comes to enforcing DUI laws and has specialized courts to handle such cases.

In response to three prominent DUI homicides in 2005—including the death of a respected police officer and a child on a bicycle—Placer County assembled a task force to determine ways to deter DUIs and reduce risks.

Placer County Drunk Driving Prosecution

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DUI Second and Third Offenders

The task force placed special emphasis on second offenders. In an attempt to separate out “high risk” offenders, the probation department administers a psychological test. If the defendant scores poorly on the test (or has other risk factors such as a recent prior), formal probation is ordered.

The DA asks for 30 days of jail time for all second offenses. California law requires only 48 hours in custody. The statewide average is 10 days or less—often 48 hours plus an eight-day work project.

Third and subsequent offenders are deemed dangerous. The task force determined the best way to protect the public is to incarcerate these offenders for as long as possible. Continue reading →

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